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Nat Brooke

Chicago Scenes

Wicker Park | Nat Brooke

Wicker Park | Nat Brooke

Train | Nat Brooke

Nat Brooke | Kilim

Katie Alvarado | Tyler S. | Nat Brooke

Nat Brooke | Tyler S.

*Above photos of musicians, Katie Alvarado & Tyler Sjöström .

Things have been unveiling beautifully in the midwest this Spring into Summer. The trees have grown more lush than I could ever remember them and it seems like people are being more generous with their money and time, fueled by the endorphins that the warmer weather brings. Even the ambitious young gentlemen I noticed on the coffee shop patio who brewed and brought his own iced coffee along with him to the coffee shop (maybe he prefers his own brew). Mostly as the season changes into every day heat I am most inspired to spend time with friends playing music in spaces small and large. Although I’ve already jumped ship and have escaped the crowds of the city and bustling outer suburban landscape for an emptier climate, this is the first year in a long while where I want to return – head into a dive bar and listen to some swooning music overhead.

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