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I spent some time to myself wondering Summit County one afternoon finding places to occupy during the days coldest moments. I found Ole Man Berkins, the most wildly yet purposefully organized used bookstore I’ve ever explored. I ducked into a small cafe to read of the impending cold in the Daily News and had the coziest afternoon lunch at the impressionably charming Amazing Grace Natural Eatery . The unfortunate time that the proprietor of Amazing Grace had trying to get to me to realize they closed forty minutes earlier as I ate slowly in front of their wood burning stove. My apologies to the darlings at Amazing Grace, you really have created a space perfect strangers want to move into. We also extended an evening at the Breckenridge Ullr festival, a mythical Norse God of Snow. Which in all fairness, succeeded in creating a layer of snow the next morning – however skimped on the warmth and left the entire town without an ounce of skin exposed to the elements for the rest of the week. We never quite made it to the Breckenridge Distillery to taste their burbon as hoped, but I don’t doubt that I will have a chance to another time in the future.

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