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Spring Travels

Spring In Illinois | Nat Brooke

Lambert's Cove Beach | Nat Brooke

Nat Brooke | Beach

Menemsha | Nat Brooke

Nat Brooke | Menemsha

Island to Island – I seem to love remoteness. During a curious turn of events I happened to make it to Martha’s Vineyard to learn and explore. Less than half of the summer population present I wondered completely. I must say I was impressed with the local radio stations – I’ve compiled a short playlist for your pleasure connecting some of the songs I listened to over the course of traveling and heard on local MV radio.

Only One More Kiss – Paul McCartney & Wings
I Can See The Pines Are Dancing – A.A Bondy
I’ll Come Runnin’ Back To You – Sam Cooke
I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You – Tom Waits
I Just Can’t Loose – The Deep Dark Woods
Open Your Eyes – Bobby Caldwell
If You Really Love Me – Stevie Wonder
I Don’t Need Anyone – Club 8

Vacating & Upcoming Events

Atrium - Nat Brooke

Chairs - Nat Brooke

Birdcage - Nat Brooke

Doors - Nat Brooke

Lounge- Nat Brooke

Ocean - Nat Brooke

Lantern - Nat Brooke

Hello loves, back to making music after a bit of time in the tropical sunshine. I cannot express to you how beautiful it was to exert my energy on sourcing mangoes for an entire day and read underneath an umbrella. That is what life is about, no? Next Saturday Joel & I will be playing an acoustic set @ the Second Saturday Circle. Please visit our Facebook page if you’d like more details. If you’re unable to join in there will be a recording of this event to follow.

Happy Spring chickadees, xx

Beat Kitchen | March, 6th

Tomorrow evening we will be joining the ever sweet Kelly Condron as well as The Bergamot and Michael Hapner at The Beat Kitchen in Chicago, IL. Doors at 8:30 p.m, 21+! Kelly has a gospel choir making an appearance during her sit which is not to be missed. If you would like to learn more about this event you can head over to The Beat Kitchen event page or click here to buy advance tickets. We are looking forward to shoveling out of this snow and playing some music tomorrow night! xx

Scenes From Folk Nite | Feb 2013

The Hacienda | Folk Nite | February 2013 | Nat Brooke

Tyler, Katie, Ian | Nat Brooke | Folk Nite | The Hacienda

Katie Alvarado | Folk Nite | Nat Brooke

Nat Brooke | Ian Simkins | Folk Nite

Aaron Kulik | The Hacienda | Folk Nite | Nat Brooke

Nat Brooke | Joel Brown | Doo Wop Girls

February 15th, 2013, over twenty four local, visual, vocal and musical artists gathered together at the Hacienda to promote their artistic works through the art of storytelling. What has now become the annual Folk Nite was a wildly successful event. The turnout was expansive and sometimes uncomfortable as we actually ran out of space to house our guests. This is both a brilliant and crucial realization that this community is growing in the Northern Chicago suburbs. Living outside of a metropolitan city for some artists can be stifling as well as inspiring. Spaciousness in physical surroundings outside of a city environment can bring worlds of inspiration, however having less accessibility to venues in which artists can promote their work and network amongst other artists can become a challenging aspect of living in a more remote area. Folk Nite is a cumulation of artistic endeavors between entertaining our friends and their friends alike to the study of our fellow artists as well as building a community of people who both create and appreciate artistic works. It is a welcoming environment for people to gather, build and share together. If you are interested in becoming a part of future Folk Nites or if you have a venue in mind that would be a accessible gem for such a gathering in the Northern Chicago suburbs you can get in touch with us at as well as visiting Folk Nites Facebook Page or The Hacienda Facebook Page.

*Some images courtesy of Alissa Cook

Spring Shows

Joel in Madison

Madison Brunch

Triple Pedels

Amplification Nat Brooke Music

Hammer Guitar Nat Brooke

Nat Brooke Lula's Cafe Chicago

We’re keeping busy over here writing and working on new music and have been putting together upcoming Spring shows (and of course eating delicious food at Lula Cafe) which we’re very excited about. We’ve had such warm reception over our new material that we cannot wait to play upcoming shows. In February you can join us and over twenty four other visual and musical artists at Folk Nite. Keep updated on upcoming shows by visiting our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Folk Nite + Storytellers Edition

Folk Nite, Folk Night Nat Brooke

Coming up on Febrary the fifteeth The Hacienda will be hosting Folk Nite, Storytellers Edition. We will be coming together to promote our art through storytelling, showcasing over twenty four local visual and musical artists. This a profit free event and all are welcome. Bring a bottle of wine and bake some of your Gram’s famous cookies to share. Show begins at 7pm, click here for more info.

*Poster: K.t Alvarado