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About nine months ago I ventured into learning more about the world of Raw foodism in the Vegan sense and have since become an advocate of healing by way of fresh, whole foods. I have spent time traveling and connecting to a community of passionate friends involved in teaching others about the Raw Foods lifestyle and simply, biodynamic food. I was recently asked to photograph and upcoming project piecing together photographically over one hundred unique Raw Vegan recipes. We accumulated over a thousand photos over the course of several days which are in the process of being developed into an upcoming cookbook. There is certain revelation between the nature of food and artistic realization. I can say with understanding that whole foods nurture brain activity which is the foundation of all productivity. This was a vibrant project to be a part of and I will be curating more personal projects in the future. If you’d like to learn more about incorporating more of a plant based foundation into your lifestyle you can leave a comment below or e-mail Get in touch and follow Eva Rawposa on her Facebook page to be updated on the launch date of the cookbook.

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