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Back porch view

Back porch foliage

Photo taking

Rainbow sunset

We’ve escaped the hot hot heat of Illinois and have moved far north into the considerably cool breezes for the past couple of weeks. We’re enjoying the mild weather, crisp water and just general relaxing associated with our little escape.


Old CDs

Old cassettes

There are days I don’t remember having written anything in weeks. Folded squares of paper then come into view around the room making me realize that I write unconsciously throughout each day. This afternoon I dove into a world of music. A box filled with hundreds of CDs, cassettes, mini discs… my first sony (which I in fact would likely keep over anything else I own). This tangible and completely forgotten trove of music marked every last bit of recording I have ever done and put into perspective … just how long it would take me to listen to all of it! So I attempted to listen for hours (with alternating nods to the other hundreds of CDs not by my own voice that I also retrieved) and got lost until the late evening. I don’t know if I could ever revisit each sound, but I do know that my memory had been awakened and it remembered every last word. Now if only I had the ability to crack open the floppy discs I also found.



Spring 2011

Spring 2011

Taking a moment from the heated spring day, 95 degrees! We’ve been keeping cool and cleaning house, putting together donations for a local cause. Everyone has been happy to get involved and we’ve accomplished a lot of organizing in only a few days. It reminded me that I’ve wanted to ask all of you about your favorite causes and charities. I intend on beginning a section on my blog/website devoted to causes that I hope to bring attention to in the future and would love to hear your suggestions. Leave a comment or e-mail


New Music Escape

On the lake

Setting up a new space for music making. Overlooking a calm little lake, at least calm for the time being. Joel bought a canoe and we’ve been spending time trying to make food with the few pans and utensils we have around. There are cats that roamed around the Silver St. house, setting off lights and making me think there was someone at the door. This place has cats too. Pretty little cats looking for a home. Putting the finishing touches on the website and playing music all night long. As the warmth kicks in right on time.

Goodbye To Silver St.

The first of this month was the end of our making music in the Silver St. house. I loved every noisy floorboard in that house. The songs that evolved inside its walls are the songs that I hope to sing forever. And because the historic gardens that once surrounded Silver St. are now gone, I’ve decided to share some carefully preserved photos of the house from when it was once alive, photographic remnants of an eccentric past, lush gardens and lakes. A week of late evenings in now empty rooms, swinging on the front porch playing music and listening to the neighborhood were all proper goodbyes.