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Hot Tottie

I may be fighting off a bit of a cold this morning but I cannot wait to sing tonight! #township #natbrooke #hottottie

I mixed up this tea to soothe my sore throat after breakfast:

TBSP Whiskey (or brandy in our cabinets case) .. or pour at your own leisure.
TSP Organic Honey (I use YS Organic)
TSP Lemon juice to taste
1 Ginger Aid tea bag. Some use whole cloves and others like a different type of tea specific to taste. I found the ginger tea was soothing and cut the strength of the taste (hey it is the morning).

Some like to add a TSP of coconut oil and fresh ginger. I am also a big fan of Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Tea. It really has made the biggest difference the past few days trying to beat this cold. xoxo

New Year New Music

Nat Brooke, Joel Brown, Ian Simkins NYE 2012/2013

Happy New Year’s to you and yours. The past year in retrospect can be sensitively archived out of memory without much resurrection other than to say that we spent 2012 listening, playing and enjoying other musicians music all year. We worked, we danced and I wrote letters daily through the course of the year. I found secret beaches and brewed endless amounts of tea. We hauled a lot of equipment up seemingly endless stairs and J. found his best friend in his warm Woolrich shirt. It was only most fitting that we spend New Year’s Eve dancing and playing music all night along side a lineup of other local musicians at The Hacienda. We brought in 2013 by listening to one another intently on NYE with warm hearts and awoke in the New Year feeling inspired. Not to mention it was one of the most insane parties I’ve ever had the pleasure to play. Thank you to all of the musicians who participated and The Hacienda team for setting up the year to be satisfyingly full of art and friends. If you’d like to listen to some of the artists in the lineup take a look through the links below.

– K.t. Alvarado
– Judah Legge
– Jordan Chapman (BTM)
– Kendel & Shep
– Filip Herbst
– Jeremiah Higgins
– The Fall Classic

Next Door Chicago

Coming up on December 7th, Joel Brown, Ian Simkins and myself are going to be playing a show at Next Door Chicago in Lincoln Park, IL from 5-7 p.m. We’re excited to be debuting our newest unheard material amongst our friends. It’s going to be an evening of music, friends and hopefully drinks afterwards ;). Hope to see you all there.

Nat Brooke - Blue Mic

Ian Simkins - Nat Brooke

Music From The Top Floor

Nat Brooke - Joel Brown

Guitar, Music, Nat Brooke

Guitar Pedals - Nat Brooke

Rehearsals on the top floor, we’re working through new material that we will be debuting in December. It’s hard to believe how long it has been since we’ve played a show and we’re excited to see some familiar faces. Our friend Ian Simkins will be drumming with us which is bringing an especially fun dynamic to the new material. Can’t wait for you all to hear.