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Chicago Music Exchange

Just some images from one afternoon when J. and I were checking out new equipment at the Chicago Music Exchange. I’m pretty sure if I lived there I would sleep a heavy, dreamy sleep surrounded by all of those beautiful instruments.



John & Yoko



Nat Office


Just returned from Detroit. Lots of time celebrating a soon to be addition to our great big family. Nothing makes you laugh like sitting around a kitchen full of friends, cousins and aunts for hours. We returned a set of drums J. had been housing that we put to good use the last couple of years. Besides our car battery dying we also survived a manic 60 MPH wind storm that kept the whole town awake around us. My sister and I also inherited two Polaroid cameras on our trip and a silent film camera that we adore.
J. has finished moving out of his lake house and we’re now headed on a bout of traveling this next month to soak up some time in the southern states.

*J&I one chilly afternoon, a new old record, a new old camera, frilly gift wrap for the new addition to our family, late last week, last day of packing up.

Etta James


Love for Etta James and in her passing a big thanks for all of the joy her music has created. I’ve performed this song, recorded it with a full band and sang it all alone. In the future I will remember her talent and be happy for all of her beautiful and everlasting music.

*Love for Ellington Jordan as well as Billy Foster, who are credited as the writers of ‘I Would Rather Go Blind’.


Working on some new music in the late night. J. wrote this amazing melody that I am just in love with. This is a little video of us starting to arrange things.

Cross Village

Sheet Music

Spending the evening working on one of our favorites. Trying to recreate the initial vibe we had with our first recording of Cross Village but with a more full, precise, sound. J. is departing from the computer to chart music (likely to candlelight) while I am reading at home during my downtime. Having just propped up one of the shakiest bookshelves I’ve ever encountered I have been filling it slowly with my stored books trying to evenly distribute them. Back in Illinois again I am slowly writing and creating. Playing music for myself mostly these past few days.

Joel is exporting…

…Our latest recordings and I’m taking time to mention that we’re working on new music tonight. Sipping some Chai (from my least favorite, a black bottomed coffee cup…you can’t see what’s at the bottom!) and waiting to get back to singing. I’m excited to share and will update soon when we get the demo recordings up.


Old CDs

Old cassettes

There are days I don’t remember having written anything in weeks. Folded squares of paper then come into view around the room making me realize that I write unconsciously throughout each day. This afternoon I dove into a world of music. A box filled with hundreds of CDs, cassettes, mini discs… my first sony (which I in fact would likely keep over anything else I own). This tangible and completely forgotten trove of music marked every last bit of recording I have ever done and put into perspective … just how long it would take me to listen to all of it! So I attempted to listen for hours (with alternating nods to the other hundreds of CDs not by my own voice that I also retrieved) and got lost until the late evening. I don’t know if I could ever revisit each sound, but I do know that my memory had been awakened and it remembered every last word. Now if only I had the ability to crack open the floppy discs I also found.


New Music Escape

On the lake

Setting up a new space for music making. Overlooking a calm little lake, at least calm for the time being. Joel bought a canoe and we’ve been spending time trying to make food with the few pans and utensils we have around. There are cats that roamed around the Silver St. house, setting off lights and making me think there was someone at the door. This place has cats too. Pretty little cats looking for a home. Putting the finishing touches on the website and playing music all night long. As the warmth kicks in right on time.