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Next Door Chicago

Coming up on December 7th, Joel Brown, Ian Simkins and myself are going to be playing a show at Next Door Chicago in Lincoln Park, IL from 5-7 p.m. We’re excited to be debuting our newest unheard material amongst our friends. It’s going to be an evening of music, friends and hopefully drinks afterwards ;). Hope to see you all there.

Nat Brooke - Blue Mic

Ian Simkins - Nat Brooke

Music From The Top Floor

Nat Brooke - Joel Brown

Guitar, Music, Nat Brooke

Guitar Pedals - Nat Brooke

Rehearsals on the top floor, we’re working through new material that we will be debuting in December. It’s hard to believe how long it has been since we’ve played a show and we’re excited to see some familiar faces. Our friend Ian Simkins will be drumming with us which is bringing an especially fun dynamic to the new material. Can’t wait for you all to hear.

Goodbye To Silver St.

The first of this month was the end of our making music in the Silver St. house. I loved every noisy floorboard in that house. The songs that evolved inside its walls are the songs that I hope to sing forever. And because the historic gardens that once surrounded Silver St. are now gone, I’ve decided to share some carefully preserved photos of the house from when it was once alive, photographic remnants of an eccentric past, lush gardens and lakes. A week of late evenings in now empty rooms, swinging on the front porch playing music and listening to the neighborhood were all proper goodbyes.