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Exploring Summit County

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Cold Front Nat Brooke

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Colorado Mountain Top Nat Brooke

I spent some time to myself wondering Summit County one afternoon finding places to occupy during the days coldest moments. I found Ole Man Berkins, the most wildly yet purposefully organized used bookstore I’ve ever explored. I ducked into a small cafe to read of the impending cold in the Daily News and had the coziest afternoon lunch at the impressionably charming Amazing Grace Natural Eatery . The unfortunate time that the proprietor of Amazing Grace had trying to get to me to realize they closed forty minutes earlier as I ate slowly in front of their wood burning stove. My apologies to the darlings at Amazing Grace, you really have created a space perfect strangers want to move into. We also extended an evening at the Breckenridge Ullr festival, a mythical Norse God of Snow. Which in all fairness, succeeded in creating a layer of snow the next morning – however skimped on the warmth and left the entire town without an ounce of skin exposed to the elements for the rest of the week. We never quite made it to the Breckenridge Distillery to taste their burbon as hoped, but I don’t doubt that I will have a chance to another time in the future.

January In The Mountains

Breckenridge Nat Brooke

Gondola Ride Nat Brooke

Colorado Nat Brooke

Colorado Hills Nat Brooke

We just returned from a beautiful, yet exceedingly cold escape to the Colorado mountains. Determined to spend our days outdoors we layered thick with jackets and anything warm within reach and spent our evenings indoors making meals with friends. The temperature never peaked above twenty degrees (or even close) though we continued to explore curiously around this place we hadn’t seen in years with people who were excited to show us their home and all of the things they love about it. Colorado is a great representation of the beauty in our country.

New Year New Music

Nat Brooke, Joel Brown, Ian Simkins NYE 2012/2013

Happy New Year’s to you and yours. The past year in retrospect can be sensitively archived out of memory without much resurrection other than to say that we spent 2012 listening, playing and enjoying other musicians music all year. We worked, we danced and I wrote letters daily through the course of the year. I found secret beaches and brewed endless amounts of tea. We hauled a lot of equipment up seemingly endless stairs and J. found his best friend in his warm Woolrich shirt. It was only most fitting that we spend New Year’s Eve dancing and playing music all night along side a lineup of other local musicians at The Hacienda. We brought in 2013 by listening to one another intently on NYE with warm hearts and awoke in the New Year feeling inspired. Not to mention it was one of the most insane parties I’ve ever had the pleasure to play. Thank you to all of the musicians who participated and The Hacienda team for setting up the year to be satisfyingly full of art and friends. If you’d like to listen to some of the artists in the lineup take a look through the links below.

– K.t. Alvarado
– Judah Legge
– Jordan Chapman (BTM)
– Kendel & Shep
– Filip Herbst
– Jeremiah Higgins
– The Fall Classic

Winter Love

Nat Brooke Christmas Tree

Holiday Ice Rink Nat Brooke

Christmas Mug Nat Brooke

Music Records Nat Brooke

Scenes from a backwards Christmas holiday. Spent a lot of time sleeping away and reading in front of the fire as I was getting over being sick this past week. We jaunted to Detroit and back in a day and got to spend time with friends visiting for the season. Happy new things for all of you coming into a new year!

Music From The Top Floor

Nat Brooke - Joel Brown

Guitar, Music, Nat Brooke

Guitar Pedals - Nat Brooke

Rehearsals on the top floor, we’re working through new material that we will be debuting in December. It’s hard to believe how long it has been since we’ve played a show and we’re excited to see some familiar faces. Our friend Ian Simkins will be drumming with us which is bringing an especially fun dynamic to the new material. Can’t wait for you all to hear.

Evolution of an OCD Songwriter

Nat Brooke - Set lists

Nat Brooke - Music books

Nat Brooke - Crochet Blankets

Nat Brooke - Marble

All of my songs used to be written in notebooks and on hundreds of pieces of paper scattered around my floor. I had to walk over them in the middle of the night. That was the way I liked it. I literally slept on all those ideas. This is obviously an evolution into something like adulthood, still making set lists on the floor.. pretty little set lists.

*Photo: Songs on the floor, thrifting in the neighborhood, a little white marble table that I adore

Midwestern Chickadees

Nat Brooke - White Piano

Nat Brooke - Music Making

Nat Brooke - PJ

Nat Brooke - Midwestern

Nat Brooke - Boys

Nat Brooke - chicks and ducks

Spending lots of time this fall camped out at our friends Peter & Jessi’s midwestern compound. Making music and all day brunches. Following their chicks and ducks around their property. Nothing I love more than sipping on a big pot of earl gray tea full of Peter’s families organic honey while playing on their white piano. Heavenly. If you want a heads up where to find local Illinois raw, organic honey check out XO