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Nat Brooke - Manhatten

Nat Brooke - Crepe Brunch

Nat Brooke - New York

Nat Brooke - Park

Nat Brooke - Bagels

Somehow I made it my entire life without ever visiting New York. How can that be? I got to spend an unforgettably warm weekend this September visiting some of my most favorite people. I could never say anything that hasn’t been said ten thousand times over. It’s expansive – and I loved it.



Nashville Food

Nashville Food




Layla's Bluegrass

Kentucky Fence

We made our way through the south landing in Tennessee, Kentucky and Atlanta. Stopping to visit friends in Atlanta who welcomed us by introducing us to their favorite local territories. Generally eating our way through every state I have to say Atlanta had the best BBQ I’ve tried yet. We made our way through Atlanta’s gigantic international market where I bought loose teas to bring home with me and we spent the evenings enjoying the not yet hot weather. Took in views of Chattanooga, stopped in Kentucky and spent an unexpectedly divine time in Nashville on Easter Sunday. Slipping in and out of quarter full bars, sampling some really great southern music. I really couldn’t have had a better time.

Chicago Music Exchange

Just some images from one afternoon when J. and I were checking out new equipment at the Chicago Music Exchange. I’m pretty sure if I lived there I would sleep a heavy, dreamy sleep surrounded by all of those beautiful instruments.



John & Yoko



Nat Office


Just returned from Detroit. Lots of time celebrating a soon to be addition to our great big family. Nothing makes you laugh like sitting around a kitchen full of friends, cousins and aunts for hours. We returned a set of drums J. had been housing that we put to good use the last couple of years. Besides our car battery dying we also survived a manic 60 MPH wind storm that kept the whole town awake around us. My sister and I also inherited two Polaroid cameras on our trip and a silent film camera that we adore.
J. has finished moving out of his lake house and we’re now headed on a bout of traveling this next month to soak up some time in the southern states.

*J&I one chilly afternoon, a new old record, a new old camera, frilly gift wrap for the new addition to our family, late last week, last day of packing up.