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Upcoming Cookbook

Raw Vegan Breakfast | Nat Brooke

Collard Wrap | Nat Brooke

Coconut Pie | Nat Brooke

Dehydrator | Nat Brooke

West Tisbury Farm Stand | Nat Brooke

About nine months ago I ventured into learning more about the world of Raw foodism in the Vegan sense and have since become an advocate of healing by way of fresh, whole foods. I have spent time traveling and connecting to a community of passionate friends involved in teaching others about the Raw Foods lifestyle and simply, biodynamic food. I was recently asked to photograph and upcoming project piecing together photographically over one hundred unique Raw Vegan recipes. We accumulated over a thousand photos over the course of several days which are in the process of being developed into an upcoming cookbook. There is certain revelation between the nature of food and artistic realization. I can say with understanding that whole foods nurture brain activity which is the foundation of all productivity. This was a vibrant project to be a part of and I will be curating more personal projects in the future. If you’d like to learn more about incorporating more of a plant based foundation into your lifestyle you can leave a comment below or e-mail Get in touch and follow Eva Rawposa on her Facebook page to be updated on the launch date of the cookbook.

Spring Travels

Spring In Illinois | Nat Brooke

Lambert's Cove Beach | Nat Brooke

Nat Brooke | Beach

Menemsha | Nat Brooke

Nat Brooke | Menemsha

Island to Island – I seem to love remoteness. During a curious turn of events I happened to make it to Martha’s Vineyard to learn and explore. Less than half of the summer population present I wondered completely. I must say I was impressed with the local radio stations – I’ve compiled a short playlist for your pleasure connecting some of the songs I listened to over the course of traveling and heard on local MV radio.

Only One More Kiss – Paul McCartney & Wings
I Can See The Pines Are Dancing – A.A Bondy
I’ll Come Runnin’ Back To You – Sam Cooke
I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You – Tom Waits
I Just Can’t Loose – The Deep Dark Woods
Open Your Eyes – Bobby Caldwell
If You Really Love Me – Stevie Wonder
I Don’t Need Anyone – Club 8

Vacating & Upcoming Events

Atrium - Nat Brooke

Chairs - Nat Brooke

Birdcage - Nat Brooke

Doors - Nat Brooke

Lounge- Nat Brooke

Ocean - Nat Brooke

Lantern - Nat Brooke

Hello loves, back to making music after a bit of time in the tropical sunshine. I cannot express to you how beautiful it was to exert my energy on sourcing mangoes for an entire day and read underneath an umbrella. That is what life is about, no? Next Saturday Joel & I will be playing an acoustic set @ the Second Saturday Circle. Please visit our Facebook page if you’d like more details. If you’re unable to join in there will be a recording of this event to follow.

Happy Spring chickadees, xx

Spring Shows

Joel in Madison

Madison Brunch

Triple Pedels

Amplification Nat Brooke Music

Hammer Guitar Nat Brooke

Nat Brooke Lula's Cafe Chicago

We’re keeping busy over here writing and working on new music and have been putting together upcoming Spring shows (and of course eating delicious food at Lula Cafe) which we’re very excited about. We’ve had such warm reception over our new material that we cannot wait to play upcoming shows. In February you can join us and over twenty four other visual and musical artists at Folk Nite. Keep updated on upcoming shows by visiting our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Exploring Summit County

Books Nat Brooke

Reading Nat Brooke

Cold Front Nat Brooke

Lunch Nat Brooke

Wood Stove Nat Brooke

Afternoon Reading Nat Brooke

Kilim Nat Brooke

Colorado Mountain Top Nat Brooke

I spent some time to myself wondering Summit County one afternoon finding places to occupy during the days coldest moments. I found Ole Man Berkins, the most wildly yet purposefully organized used bookstore I’ve ever explored. I ducked into a small cafe to read of the impending cold in the Daily News and had the coziest afternoon lunch at the impressionably charming Amazing Grace Natural Eatery . The unfortunate time that the proprietor of Amazing Grace had trying to get to me to realize they closed forty minutes earlier as I ate slowly in front of their wood burning stove. My apologies to the darlings at Amazing Grace, you really have created a space perfect strangers want to move into. We also extended an evening at the Breckenridge Ullr festival, a mythical Norse God of Snow. Which in all fairness, succeeded in creating a layer of snow the next morning – however skimped on the warmth and left the entire town without an ounce of skin exposed to the elements for the rest of the week. We never quite made it to the Breckenridge Distillery to taste their burbon as hoped, but I don’t doubt that I will have a chance to another time in the future.

January In The Mountains

Breckenridge Nat Brooke

Gondola Ride Nat Brooke

Colorado Nat Brooke

Colorado Hills Nat Brooke

We just returned from a beautiful, yet exceedingly cold escape to the Colorado mountains. Determined to spend our days outdoors we layered thick with jackets and anything warm within reach and spent our evenings indoors making meals with friends. The temperature never peaked above twenty degrees (or even close) though we continued to explore curiously around this place we hadn’t seen in years with people who were excited to show us their home and all of the things they love about it. Colorado is a great representation of the beauty in our country.