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Looking Glass

Our good friends, the talented Ben & Grace Krogh are packing up to head West come September making a new home in beautiful Portland. I’ve had such a good time getting to know this duo this past year and it’s sad to see them go. Ben, who is one talented writer and musician spent some time talking with me about music this past Spring in the Silver St. house. You can keep up with their journey at 2320 Miles, a blog that they built for the occasion.


Back porch view

Back porch foliage

Photo taking

Rainbow sunset

We’ve escaped the hot hot heat of Illinois and have moved far north into the considerably cool breezes for the past couple of weeks. We’re enjoying the mild weather, crisp water and just general relaxing associated with our little escape.

New Music Escape

On the lake

Setting up a new space for music making. Overlooking a calm little lake, at least calm for the time being. Joel bought a canoe and we’ve been spending time trying to make food with the few pans and utensils we have around. There are cats that roamed around the Silver St. house, setting off lights and making me think there was someone at the door. This place has cats too. Pretty little cats looking for a home. Putting the finishing touches on the website and playing music all night long. As the warmth kicks in right on time.